Reduce the risk

of dealing with the unknown


In the globalised market place, the advent of technology has made global trade increasingly accessible for novices and experts alike.

Our service is built on exhaustive market research. We research all potential suppliers including visits to their plants to ensure that they are bona fide, we are informed regarding their capabilities and that they meet relevant international standards. This is the cornerstone of our success, we are confident that each time we place an order that our supplier will deliver the goods as ordered, to specification and on time.

In a world where it is easy to create a presence, we eliminate the risk associated with dealing with the unknown.

Why Choose Us?


For over 40 years we have been sourcing products across a breadth of consumer, commercial and industrial markets.


With offices in Melbourne, Athens, Hong Kong and Beijing our people on the ground have an intimate understanding of the market.


We manage the process from product research, supplier selection, transport and warehousing, to delivery to the customer.


We communicate with suppliers on a daily basis, our network is built on a constant search for improved product quality and service.

Market Research

One of the key roles for our staff in overseas offices is to undertake project based market research, to meet a customer's brief.

Proven Track Record

Since commencing our business, we have met the needs of a diverse range of customers, our longevity in a rapidly changing market is built on the trust of our customers.
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